Breasts the portal to a woman’s heart


‘Nipples are erogenous zones and Scientists have found through MRI’s that the sensation from nipple stimulation travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix, through nerves and meridians.’

This means that when a woman’s breasts and nipples are being stimulated the same areas of the brain gets activated as her clitoris, vagina and cervix, which is why some women can experience breast orgasms, which feel like incredible blissful waves of pleasure throughout the body.

Most men are fascinated by breasts, they love to look and admire them, and love the feel of  their softness. They feel raw desire when they see ample cleavage in a low cut dress or bikini, which usually leads them to fantasize about what they would like to do to a woman with these desirous breasts. However, I feel that when it comes to breasts they seem to get very little attention.

Most women tell me that their partners don’t feel much when men touch their breast because they don’t spend enough time on them or that they are not sure  exactly how to handle them or what women really want.  A little fondling, a few kisses a little sucking on the nipples, and then a rush to the pus*y is not going to get your woman stimulated enough.

Women need a longer time to build up arousal and fully open up and if they feel rushed to be penetrated they will shut down and not really enjoy the experience to its fullest capacity. There’s a very important reason why you should spend more time on these luscious creamy delights.  They are the power source to her capacity to love, a pathway to her heart, and express her connection to her sexuality and deep pleasure.

Touching and exploring her breasts are way more important than touching her pus*sy and clitoris first, because her breasts are her positive pole, which needs time to be awakened ,the pleasure need to build slowly as it expands arousal through her body. This helps her feel emotionally bonded to you as well as deeply relaxed. If she’s not fully aroused your hands and penis may feel painful and uncomfortable to her because her pu*sy isn’t ready to accept your fingers or tongue yet. When you activate and open her heart through breast and nipple stimulation she will become more aroused and wet and you will feel she is more receptive and ready physically and emotionally when you penetrate her.

For men its the opposite, your positive pole is in your penis, you don’t need too much emotional connection in the beginning, your first instinct is raw passion and desire, that’s why men are initially sex driven while women are more focused on feeling love and connection.

Unfortunately, most guys go straight for the nipple, sucking and pinching the most sensitive part of the breast. A woman needs gentle stimulation to make her wet, harsh and rough movements, don’t work for a woman initially unless she likes that sort of touch, but first she needs to trust you for her to relax and open, so focus on the entire breast area around the nipples first.

There can be deep emotions buried in the breasts, such as sadness, anger, numbness, because women have become disconnected from their bodies and feminine essence.  This essence is a woman’s capacity for self love, nurturing and healing. Women can close down in their heart and breasts due to past emotional hurts, breastfeeding children, judging her breasts size and creating self-loathing, and believing that breasts are only for men’s pleasure.  You can help her re-connect with her feminine energy and you can both feel deeply nourished by her breasts by giving them loving attention, appreciation and ample time, this also helps her feel more awareness and sensitivity in her breasts.

What my women clients tell me is that if their lovers head straight for their pu*sy, they immediately disengage, and get into their  heads and start thinking thoughts like,  he’s only interested in his own pleasure’, and ‘’he’s rushing me and doesn’t really care about what I need’ and they  immediately feel a disconnection in their bodies and their lover . Then anger sets in. thoughts like ‘not this boring routine again’, or start fantasizing about someon else

All that happens when you don’t give her the loving attention she craves is that she is going to go through the motions and it becomes a mechanical experience for her, even if she  does orgasm it’s not the ultimate earth shattering pleasure and experience she desires because she doesn’t feel your presence.


You can either touch her breasts or make this a breast massage.

Connect to her heart by kissing in between her breasts. kiss lightly  all around the outer edges of her breasts, very gently and slowly.

Then with your hands, using a flat palm with firm pressure, or a soft touch (ask her what she likes) move your hands  slowly up in between her breasts then moving them around her breasts cupping them firmly and slightly lifting them, do this several times and then switch direction from the outer edges down and around the underside of her breasts and up through the centre.

Tell her to relax and breathe deeply and to just enjoy the experience, without feeling she has to reciprocate the pleasure.

Circle your fingertips around her areola (the dark part around her nipples) with a  light touch until the nipples become erect, as you do this, whisper compliments about her breasts in her ear, what you love about them, how you are feeling when you touch her, and any other compliments you are really feeling.  Circling the breasts around the areola and breasts without touching the nipples continues to build excitement and anticipation.

Slowly and gently squeeze her breasts together in a massaging motion, glide you’re your hands under breasts with her nipples between your index and middle fingers and spread your other fingers out and then gently shake her breasts. Then just hold them and send them love, you can send them love from your penis, breathe this energy up to her breasts and just breathe together for a few seconds.

Let the palms of your hand glide gently up and down over her nipples. Then gently flick her nipples side to side with your forefinger.

Listen to the sounds she’s making and respond to the way her body is moving.  You want to build excitement slowly as the arousal expands throughout her body, and have her begging  for more.

Use your hands to caress her body, so she feels the energy spread throughout her body, to allow for multiple waves of orgasmic feelings. Taking your time till you are both ready to move on.

Remember breasts are the closest erogenous zones to open her heart. So touch her slowly and softly at first and let go of any goals, ask her to breathe with you and connect to her  heart and pleasure.

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