Relationship Intimacy and Pleasure

High End Couples Coaching

You want to feel worshipped, loved and desired. You want your partner to cherish you breathe you in, and look at you with burning lust, then ravish and savour every part of your body passionately…. If this seems like a distant memory. I can help you transform your relationship.

Has your relationship become stagnant and unexciting? The passion isn’t what it used to be and there’s no spark anymore. Your energy is low including your libido? Sex has lost its magic and now feels like a duty or a dull routine.

Your intimate relationship can either uplift every area of your life or take everything into a downward spiral with it

It’s easy for everything else in life like your careers, and children to take precedence. You may find yourself being frustrated and triggered easily by the tiniest things, because your expectations never seem to get met.

We deeply crave authentic true love and passion as well as lasting sexual fulfilment. Ironically relationships  can  bring up a lot of fear and blockages, but these can be a portal into our deepest wounds and greatest desires. We can use the power of partnership to evolve, grow, heal and thrive in ways that haven’t been fully explored.

It’s possible to create sexual fascination, mystery, intrigue and love over a lifetime, but it requires work. Together, we will uncover and reframe your limiting beliefs around relationships, create a safe space for both of you to share your deepest fears and desires, and create the kind of incredible lasting relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

When your relationship thrives so does everything else in your life. It deserves your full attention and focus to remain sacred.



The Coaching Includes:

Either a 7 session taster or the 14 session package

Highly transformative weekly or bi weekly 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions focusing on your desires, up-levelling your  relationship and sexuality, moving through anything that holding you back with tools and guided practices to expand  and enhance your partnership 


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