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Hi I’m Madeleine Marie

a Certified Integrated Intimacy, Love and Relationship Expert.

I work with Men, Women and Couples helping them feel deeply connected to their bodies and sensuality. Experiencing more love, through sacred relationships and profound intimacy.

My mission is to awaken your true essence, uncover your passions and deepest desires and have profound relationships.

I do this through Coaching and teaching you holistic tools and techniques that will enable you to fully embrace intimacy, vitality and experience love, pleasure, and live an extraordinary life!

Relationships and Intimacy  has always fascinated me, and not just the delicious pleasure of another human beings touch that you’re wildly attracted to, not only the pure magic you create together by kissing and exploring each others bodies and connecting as one, but the nuances of what goes on during intimacy and  the ecstatic energy of losing yourself in sensual energy, how your mind reaches heights of consciousness. Exploring deep connection, sensations and emotions is what makes me passionate about Intimacy.

You were born to experience pleasure and incredible Intimacy.

Wouldn’t you love to have an unbelievable fiery passionate intimacy and feel empowered and confident in yourself and in your body? Attract or sustain an exceptional loving relationship with deep connection and delicious ecstasy? You probably never got taught that your sensual energy  is your life force, a deep profound expression of yourself.

I’m here to teach you how much pleasure you can feel in your body.

Your sensuality is the ultimate divine union, it is a beautiful and sacred experience that connects you to the higher parts of yourself, and is fuel for your personal empowerment, your spiritual growth and your ability to connect to higher states of consciousness. It lights up your whole body and makes you feel deeply connected to your lover as your  energy expands and you feel exquisite waves of pleasure and tingles throughout your entire body allowing your heart to open and heighten the experience. We are never more alive that when we have sensual energy pumping through our bodies. Your Sensual Energy is the essence of Life a powerful force that sits within you  and can be used to enhance every area of your life, and you don’t need a partner to use it!

I have had clients tell me that one session with me was better than years of therapy!

My work will get you results! As we work together, I take you on a transformational journey where you have permission to remove your masks melt your inhibitions, fears, blockages, and any hang ups you may have. We will release any shame or guilt you are holding onto and heal any wounds and trauma that are repressing your true intimate freedom. You will then experience profound depths of love, intimacy and bliss with yourself and your partner.

My purpose is to help you experience your full potential of sensuality, and enhance your relationship to intimacy and love.

I have your best interest at heart and will support you with love and compassion to unveil the truth of who you are. I will provide you with a safe and nurturing space to enable transformation within you that will result in greater self-love, self-realisation and integration while staying focused on achieving your deepest desires.

I’m excited to start the journey to freedom… with you.

Human beings thrive by regularly experiencing states of ecstasy, bliss, surrender, divine connection, and wild freedom.

I was trained in the unique Vital Integrated Tantric Approach methodology or VITA™ that was designed by Layla Martin. The most effective teachings of modern neuro-biology, holistic healing, and modern coaching and blending them with the ancient and powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism and Sacred Sexuality.

An underlying foundation of the VITA™ Method is the belief that Intimacy is part of the whole and can be embraced as natural and beautiful energy and expression of all humans. Because of this, I use holistic tools that take into consideration your entire sensual ecosystem, opening up a magical experience for you to become the lover  and partner you’ve always wanted to be .

My coaching blends proven techniques from Western psychology and neuroscience with powerful Eastern embodiment practices.

You can get started, obligation-free by listening to my free audio introduction with specific key takeaways you can apply to your love life and relationships right now.  If you feel the approach is right you can then continue by booking an online discovery session with me.

If you want richer, more rewarding relationships and are longing to enjoy the real pleasure and intimacy, then let’s take the first step together.

The Euphoric Sax & Love Podcast

By Madeleine Marie

The Euphoric Sax and Love Podcast is hosted by Madeleine Marie a Relationship and intimacy expert explores everything to do with Love, Relationships, Sacred and Tantra. Stepping into a world of epic pleasure.

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