Sexual energy is the primal creative energy: when making love and  creating a baby you are using sexual energy to create life. The Taoists and Tantrics recognised that someone who actively creates more sexual energy inside their body, is also more fundamentally energetic in general.

Think of sexual energy as sexual sensations in motion, it could feel tingly, warm and expansive. When it moves, there is an altogether different but similar sensation which you can think of as sexual energy.

So as sexual beings there is so much vibrancy and potency and life inside of us. It is your divine birth right to create your desires. You are powerful, your reason for being on the planet is to create life that is  fulfilling and abundant. The more you inhabit your sexual energy the more you will self-actualize, meaning you become the most authentic part of yourself.

Your sexuality is an energetic portal to open to the universe. Since sex creates new life, it can transform and heal painful traumatic experiences and manifest your deepest desires. This can happen when you activate your sexuality as the creator of your own world. You can unblock and unleash the pure flow of your life force to every area of your life.

You can integrate your sexual energy into everything you do. If you are disassociated from your genitals, you are cut off from the natural flow of sexual energy. When you are more connected to your sexuality and genitals, you are more open to creating what you desire.

So when you are expressing yourself in the world  and show up in your life,  the universe never fails to respond. The energy comes back to you in the form of abundance and wealth and all the things you want. This is the great universal exchange the more you get in touch with your sexual energy your creative blueprint the essence of who you are the more you get in touch with yourself the more your life becomes an extension of you.  When you activate your sexuality, your turn on, you activate it to be the divine designer of things and this magnetises opportunities, people, ideas and wealth to you.

It’s important to note that your sexuality does not require a partner, it’s the relationship you have to sex with yourself, and your sexuality which is your power, it incorporates your feelings of pleasure and being connected to your own body, and freedom to express yourself sexually.




When we begin to express our sexual energy and  channel it out into the world, we naturally gravitate to things that represent the truest parts of ourselves this applies to careers and manifesting money.


If you are feeling financially stuck  and unproductive, or are having blocks with money or creativity. If your business is stagnant and you’re not getting new ideas and you’re feeling lethargic. You are probably feeling sexually stuck too.


You can become the frequency of wealth,  when you remember your own magnificence  and unlimited power within you that creates miracles. This is something you need to embody and really feel in your body, by loving who you truly are, and when you do this, you start to create out of joy not out of need. Activating your sexual energy is key to this.


Your sexual power is life force pulsating through your body vibrating in every cell and it’s this life force that brings thing into matter, the energy that brings life to your cells. It’s about activating this power so that you become magnetic to your desires by reconnecting to the sacredness of self by knowing you are a  gift to the world and so is what you create, the closer you get to the truth of your gifts the more money you will make.



We hunger for deep rich experiences in life, this is why some people seek heightened experiences outside of themselves, using alcohol, weed, psychedelics  or other substances. You can get much higher and deeper and more incredible inspiration  through your own energy  than anything else. By using your sexual energy you can enrich your wealth, health, high levels of genius and elevated spiritual experiences.


Tantric sex is an amazing way to use and experience your sexual energy, if you want to experience sexual ecstasy, that connects you to high levels of creativity and consciousness.







  1. Start doing things that give you joy and bliss if you don’t already it can be very simple things.


  1. Have regular sex. If not with a partner, then you can self-pleasure by yourself. Set up weekly sex dates, or several times a week. This energy needs to be kept moving, or it will get stuck and dwindle.


  1. Start circulating your sexual energy which sits in your base chakra (at the bottom of your spine) you might start to feel turn on or slight tingling in this area, now think about what you want to create, it could be wealth, a creative pursuit, a career opportunity, a new relationship or reviving an existing one ,  and swirl the energy in your base chakra  and then move it with your mind and intention to your solar plexus (stomach area) and visualise your goal here with your intention and feel how it empowers and uplifts you.


  1. Use your breath, by learning to control your breath  and use your sexual energy you can reach a sexual dimension that is much more powerful and fulfilling for you and your partner. Breathe deep and full into your lower belly and genitals, this makes pleasure ascend more slowly and deeply in your body and you are able to experience deep full body orgasms.  Instead of letting sensations build up in your genitals move it with your breath and awareness throughout your body. From the genitals move it up the back of your spine and down the front of your body and keep looping it like this with an intention, it could be to feel more pleasure and aliveness. Whatever you want to create in your sexual experience.


You can use your mind or your breath to gently disperse the build-up of sexual sensation out of your penis or clitoris and move it throughout your body.

At first it might feel like your orgasms are less intense. But over time, as your system adjusts, you’ll discover a massive wellspring of orgasmic pleasure much,

much greater than what happens with only genital sensations.


  1. Here are some practices you can do to use your sexual energy either by yourself or a partner.

Sitting down you are going to breathe in and out of your mouth (if doing this with a partner sit opposite one another) you are going to rock your pelvis back

and forth breathe in and out of your chakras starting with the base chakra (at the bottom of your spine) for at least 30 seconds, then breathe through your sacral chakra

(just below your belly button) for 30 seconds, then in and out of your solar plexus (your stomach area) for 30 seconds, then in and out of your heart centre, for 30 seconds

then in and out of your throat centre for 30 seconds and  then in and out of your third eye(in between your eyebrows)  and lastly in and out of the crown chakra (the top of your head)

Keep your breathing deep and full  and you can make sounds if you feel like it  this helps move the energy even more.  This practice gets you out of your head and  moves

any contractions into a higher state of liberation.


  1. Another breathing practice you can try before you make love is cosmic breathing. Inhale from your pelvic floor up to the top of your head this can be done alone or with a partner (sitting opposite each other) and then you are going to exhale from the crown of your head  up into the universe this type of breathing allows you to enter a sensitized and alive state to feel sexual experiences much more deeply

If you leave sexual energy just in your penis or your clitoris, your pleasure and orgasm can only spread so far. It’s the difference between feeling orgasmic pleasure on the head of your                    penis or clitoris into feeling each cell in your body pulsing with orgasmic intensity.

Sexual energy is magical for creating the life you want and expressing your gifts in the world, for experiencing an epic sex life where there are no limitations to what you desire. So Keep                  connecting with your life force and dance in the flow of abundance.

You can find on my website 1:1 programs for individuals and lovers that will ignite your sexual energy, and manifest the relationship either to yourself or with another.




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