Understanding what women  really want is to understand water, they can be calm, gentle, mystical, elusive,  fierce and wild.  There are many layers to women, that you want to get to know and unravel so you can create the most  passionate and meaningful relationship. One where you are free to  express yourselves.

If you want to have an incredible  sex and love life, you first have to understand women and their nature.  An important thing to know is that sex starts way before you get into the bedroom, and she’s unlikely to  let you into her heart if she doesn’t feel you are fully present, interested in who she is and eager to please her.



The first thing she needs is to feel is safe, emotionally and sexually. Safe in feeling she can express herself and knowing you will be there and not judge or criticize her.  She wants to feel that you can fully  accept every layer of her. If your partner is experiencing an emotional situation, don’t feel like you  always have to say something.  You could  hold her and listen to what she’s saying and that can be enough for her.

Put yourself in her shoes, understanding what the experience is like for her. If she feels you understand her emotions and are showing empathy, her heart will open.   If she’s very emotional perhaps crying or shouting because she’s really angry or upset at something or someone, be her rock. Find soothing words to say, or ask her what she needs from you to feel comforted.  Your first instinct might be to get the hell out of there because you don’t know what to do or say but this will confirm her fears that you are not reliable, that you can’t handle her and she can only behave in certain ways around you. if you validate your behaviour by leaving the situation, she will lose her trust in you.



Don’t try to change her by this I mean, her clothes, her weight her makeup any part of her appearance, don’t make her feel inadequate, she’s too much, not enough too loud too quiet. Women do a good job of being hard on themselves. You don’t have to always agree on everything, like each other’s choices and  decisions to have acceptance. You accept each other as you are, and are comfortable discussing your desires, needs, wants and grievances. Don’t hold back things you think might upset her because that will be worse in the long run, she will feel you’ve withheld other things in the past too and will give her reasons to doubt you. Show her that you  have an understanding what women really want.



Sometimes people lie to protect each other from being hurt, but eventually somehow the truth Is revealed and can cause so much chaos.   If you are wanting to create deeper intimacy then be honest. Your partner may not always like it and be upset, but she will respect your honesty.  Having disagreements can be a positive thing. It may put your love to the test but your love will rise above it and create the closeness you desire through acceptance and allows her to know you understand women.




A lot of men keep their fantasies to themselves because they think their partner won’t be into it or reject them.  One key element is to talk openly with your partner. She knows what feels good to her – what her desires and dislikes are.   However, a  lot of women don’t’ disclose what they desire or dislike because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. So don’t be afraid to ask her things like, “where and how do you like to be touched?”  “Is there anything I can do to give you more pleasure?”  “Is there anything you would like to explore together?”

Foreplay is essential to women so don’t skip it! You might be ready to have penetrative sex in five minutes, but for most women to be fully turned on they need  between 20 to 40 mins. So show her you really want to please her.  The important thing is to take your time, be slow  and gentle.  What you  see in porn isn’t necessarily what women want in reality. One thing women tell me they really hate is penetrating them hard and fast with your fingers. if she’s not  super turned on, she starts to shut down  her orgasmic capacity and could experience pain not pleasure, so listen to the cues of her body till she’s begging you for more.

Allow her to take her time and relish in the foreplay. It’s important not to put pressure on her to orgasm, and rush the experience. Whether she does or doesn’t  orgasm is not a reflection of you as a lover. The more relaxed she is and feels you are fully present  for her, reading her body’s signals, the more likely she will climax and also desire you and sex more often.

Focus on the pleasure you are both feeling rather than an end goal and it will be a more enjoyable experience.

Women are emotional beings and feel  and want different things every day, including sexually so it’s about tuning into their cues.  It doesn’t mean you can’t take leadership  of the sexual experience  but stay in tune to where she’s at, listening to her body and her  feedback. Notice how she sounds, how she moves, if she’s too quiet or frowning. These are all cues to understanding if she’s in pleasure or not.

Understanding what women really want, is knowing the thing women want is your presence in the bedroom. You might think it’s normal to close your eyes and fantasize about something  you saw in porn or someone else.  If you do this you take yourself and your partner out of the magical moment of deep connection, and women can feel this. Instead be there in the moment, noticing how your partner’s skin feels, how she smells, how she looks when she’s aroused, your presence in each moment will turn her on.


A woman’s nature can be unpredictable at times. That’s why she desires a King who is a Leader and can be supportive, strong, powerful and giving. A man who  is understanding what women really want, and accepts her and drives her wild with passion.

When she feels this palpable energy from you, it will create a beautiful synergy and balance  where you are there for each other, and not afraid to ask for what you want and desire. Together you will have epic love and passion. She will feel you  really understand  what women want.


If you would like to work with me in my coaching program please contact me or go to my website /https://madeleinemarie.co/sexual-mastery/

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